Annual Fund

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Help At-Risk Youth Experience EMP: $25

Maker Faire

Your gift helps provide free admission for homeless and at-risk youth in our region to visit EMP and experience the fun of this one-of-a-kind museum. Help remove barriers for underserved people in our region by supporting EMP’s Community Access Program, designed to empower individuals facing financial and social limitations with the opportunity to experience the excitement of pop culture and imagination.

Provide Arts Training for Teachers: $50

Spectacle Tour

Train a teacher to integrate arts in the classroom and impact students for years to come! Art and music classes are becoming increasingly limited in regional schools. Your gift helps fill the gap in arts education by providing professional development for teachers to teach core subjects through hands-on arts lessons.

Give a Hands-on Arts Workshop: $100

On Stage

Provide the opportunity for a classroom of students to learn 21st century skills with interactive workshops led by a professional teaching artist. These workshops explore key subjects such as language arts through songwriting and fiction, music through singing and rhythm, visual and performing arts through digital photography and voiceover, social studies through the history of punk and blues, and science through the exploration of sound vibrations.

Send a Class on an EMP Field Trip: $175Sound Lab

Help students discover their creative potential. School visits to EMP Museum give students the chance to experience interactive exhibits covering topics ranging from regional music history and fantasy to video games and sci-fi. Your gift sparks the imaginations of tomorrow’s pop culture creators!

Accelerate an Assemble: $250

STAR Ensemble

Give youth a chance to shine onstage through STAR (Students Training in Artistic Reach)! Your gift will provide support for a youth music ensemble to train with a teaching artist specialist and then immediately apply their learning with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform in a unique professional setting–EMP’s Sky Church.

Empower Youth with Arts Camps: $400

Rock Band CampEncourage the creative development of tomorrow's artists! Your gift supports Creativity Camp for Kids and Teen Artist Workshops at EMP, serving young people of all skill levels and bolstering youths' passion for creative pursuits from songwriting and instrumentation to music journalism and video game programming.

Bring EMP to School Classrooms: $650

Outreach in SchoolsNow’s your opportunity to unlock the creative potential of school children in our region. Your support of EMP’s Curriculum Connections Outreach artist-in-residence program helps provide equal access to arts education for underserved schools in our region. These in-classroom workshops support multiple learning styles through five sequential lessons, and culminate with students venturing out of the traditional classroom for a field study at EMP.

Offer Space for Youth to Grow: $1,000


Your gift allows for EMP to partner with regional organizations to provide expert music-based learning and development programs for children. Through providing a platform for Kindermusik with Joyous Noise Studio, you support families with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners by giving them the opportunity to explore music through play with instruments, song, and dance—kickstarting cognitive development, socialization and language skills for children. Your gift also enables EMP to partner with Seattle Pacific University to provide Music Therapy Camps, a unique program for youth on the Autism spectrum that fosters physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Support Creativity at Any Level 

STAR Ensemble

Sound Off!, Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival, Pop Conference, Seattle Mini Maker Faire—these are just a few of the culture-creating programs EMP offers throughout the year. Your gift at any level supports the museum’s mission to create leading-edge exhibits and community-based programming for audiences of all ages and families from around the world to experience the excitement of pop culture and to be inspired to explore their own creative potential. Fuel the artists and creators of tomorrow with your gift!

Gifts of any amount are appreciated. Thank you for your generosity. EMP will use your unrestricted donation in the most effective way possible. Each item and amount on this page is representative of EMP’s costs to produce arts education and youth development programs. Donations will be used to provide general support for the museum’s educational programs, exhibits and outreach.

For questions concerning your EMP donation please contact or call 206-770-2773.